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Assessment item 1

This assessment task is to develop a detailed project proposal. In this subject, you are required to develop a mobile application for Android. All assessment items in this subject are milestones towards your final project. This assessment task is your first milestone.

You may choose any type of Android app to develop. Some sample projects and their descriptions are given below. It is highly recommended to choose from these projects. However, you can come up with your own idea and can work on that project after getting APPROVAL from the subject's coordinator.

Since each student’s app will be different, it is hard to give direct guidelines on the scope/size of the app. Instead, the scope of the app will be assessed on its features and complexity using a tier system. The tiers for complexity build on each other and so should your application.

Each project proposal needs to contain at least two (2) Tier 1 features. However, it will be marked up to Distinction. An app proposal that fails to include this will not be accepted, and a new separate proposal will need to be written.

The more features you have the more marks you get in the final Assessment. It is appropriate to come up with a mobile app that you feel comfortable developing within the time frame; just remember the more tiered features you include, the higher the grade will be in the final submission. It is possible to achieve a maximum of 15 extra marks in Assignment 4 if the project proposal contains at least one feature from Tier 2.

IMPORTANT: Your proposal must be feasible and you need to demonstrate this through your design. This is done by giving evidence and forethought into how you plan to implement certain functionality of your App. Example: If you plan to connect to an external service (ie: a weather website) - provide the APIs that are available to do so and provide the possible design on how you plan to integrate them.

Tier 1

• T1-1Meaningful User Interaction

E.g. Inputting text, using a calculator Outputting meaningful response

• T1-2 Loading and playing Media ( pictures and sounds)

• T1-3 File, State and Database Saving

• T1-4 Push Notifications/Alerts

Tier 2

• T2-1 Peer-to-Peer communication

• T2-2 Connection and meaningful communication with an online service

• T2-3 Implementing MAPS, Geocoding and Location services

• T2-4 Reading and Browsing RSS feed

• T2-5 Image Processing

• T2-6 Visualization (chart)

• T2-7 Data Mining

Assessment item 2


This assessment is designed to peer review the project proposals submitted in Assessment Item 1. This will be an anonymous peer review. The subject coordinator will assign specific project proposals to each student for a peer review. You are required to review the assigned proposals and provide a report based on your review. This report will be graded and will count towards your final grade. Your review of a project proposal should take the following points into consideration:

• Clarity of the proposal presentation (well structured, easy to read, logical statements, proper motivation statement)

• Technical soundness of the proposed project (clarity of the technical terms, technical soundness of the proposal, appropriate selected references/material, creativity and originality of the proposed project)

• Difficulty level of the proposed project (project requirements such as user interface & interaction, internet connection, database, visualization, use of camera, location information, etc. Constructive suggestions for modifications if required)

• Overall suggestions to the project proposal (make constructive and positive suggestions)

Assessment item 3


The online quiz must be attempted by the students individually using the “Online Quiz” in the Interact site for ITC539. The online quiz is worth 10% of the subject grade. Students need to attempt and finish the online quiz by the due date.

The topics of the online quiz are: topics covered up to week 6 (see the above Table in Schedule)

You will be given 50 minutes to complete the quiz. You can attempt the quiz only once, so make sure that you attempt it when you feel you are ready and have reviewed the relevant topics. Once you submit the quiz, you will not be allowed to change it so think carefully before you answer.

Assessment item 4


This assessment task is about the presentation of Final Project outcomes. You are required to present your project using either Microsoft PowerPoint or a PDF presentation file. You are also required to submit (1) the presentation file as PPT slides (strongly recommended) or PDF or a screen capture video, (2) a demo video with an embedded audio explanation of your app (e.g., avi, mp4, etc.), (3) an instruction manual or user guide (word file), and (4) the project source code (including the .APK file) by the due date (your lecturer will declare it) of this assessment item via TURNITIN. You are also required to demonstrate the completed project showing that all its functions are working properly during the presentation. You may include the app demo in the presentation if you think this is suitable.

Some guidelines for project presentation are provided in the following list. Although it is not compulsory to adhere to all of these guidelines, please note that some of the following points may apply to your specific project and presentation. Your presentation should be clear, logical and it must contain all the necessary information. You need to complete your presentation in 30 minutes (15 minutes actual presentation + 10 minutes for demo + 5 minutes for any questions). Presentation time slots will be finalized later on and will be published on the subject site. Presentations will be conducted via Adobe Connect, which we use for online meetings.

Demonstration using an emulator or real device (You can either run the actual application (highly recommended) or use enough number of output screenshots. Please note that sometimes your application may not run properly during your presentation, therefore, it is always recommended to have the output screenshots as a back-up.)

The task has two parts: Part A and Part B which are described as follows.

Part A: Project Presentation (35 marks)

Part A requires you to give a 30 minutes presentation on the mobile app that you developed during the Session Week 13 and Week 14. You are required to present your project using either Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF presentation file or through screen-capture video (e.g. avi, mp4…etc.).

It is a requirement that YOU give the presentation verbally; you are required to talk while presenting your slides and app functionality.

Your presentation must address the following areas:

• App Information

 Self-introduction and introduction of the app

Discussions about the features that are currently implemented in your app. Discussion of why the target platform was chosen and what the likely target market for your app is.

Discussion of any interesting tools and techniques used in the project; or anything in general you thought was fascinating when developing.

Major challenges faced when developing the app and how you overcame them. This should also include any reasons why certain features have not been included from the proposal.

Any general and technical improvements and additions that could be added to the app in the future.

• App Technical Discussion

Discussion of 2 or more major features of your app. In your discussion, you must provide code examples taken from your source code and explain how your code works. Failure to do so could result into investigations to do with plagiarism.

Class/Design diagrams demonstrating the functionality of the code.

• App Demonstration

A bunch of use case scenarios of all the major features of your app

Each use case should be accompanied by screenshots, but more importantly, recorded video of the feature in action. Screenshots will only provide a basic mark and it is important to show the app in action. You could even go as far as showing the app working on your own (or friend/family) phone.

Part B: Application Source Code (65 marks)

As well as your presentation, you are required to submit your source code for your mobile application to TURNITIN in a zipped folder.

Your application will be compared to your project proposal from Assignment 1 and assessed based on the changes you made and what has actually been implemented; as well to see if your source code aligns up with your presentation. You will also be assessed on the GUI and overall complexity.

You will also need to submit an additional document called an “Instruction Manual”. The instruction manual should give step-by-step instructions on how to install, build and run your source code. The instruction manual should also include any information on how to use your app and any known bugs (if any).

If you have written any additional APIs to help communicate with your App, you will also need to include the source code for this as well. If you use any external tools like a hosted SQL database or server, you will also need to provide temporary ADMIN access to these sites for debugging, testing and marking reasons. Your instruction manual should include steps on how to login and use these as well. NOTE: I will not set up these additional resources, you need to provide a live version for the assignment, failure to do so will result in mark reduction.

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