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Assessment items 3 & 4 are linked. In Assessment 3 you will create a simple argument visualisation using the MindMup softw are. In Assessment 4, you will produce a report which details the argument you construct in your argument visualisation (this assessment).

Choose ONE of the following media articles or case studies:

1. Data Collection: “Harvesting” Personalities Online - An Ethics Case Study (
2. Who decides who dies in driverless car accidents? ( 2018/10/who-decides-who-dies-in-driverless-car-accidents/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CR+BN+Email+-+29+Oct+2018+%2ATerrapin&
3. Do We Want Robot Warriors to Decide Who Lives or Dies? ( robotics/military-robots/do-we-want-robot-warriors-to-decide-who-lives-or-dies?utm_source=TechAlert&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=TechAlert_06-16-16&bt_email=maumi
4. If computers think for themselves, should they have human rights? (
5. Apps and Privacy - An Ethics Case Study (
Now follow the instructions given below to complete the assessment task:

• Use the title of the article/case study as the title of your argument visualisation so that the lecturer knows which article you are analysing.
• Undertake further research about your chosen case and the ethical issue involved, to assist you in analysing it in your argument visualisation (and in your report in Assessment 4).
• Identify some logical arguments based on the four classical ethical theories including utilitarianism, deontology, contract, and virtue.
• Construct an argument visualisation using MindMup softw are. Your visualisation should contain the conclusion, and all of the reasons and objections leading to that


• Your argument visualisation should present a logical argument for your subsequent report in Assessment 4. Your report will develop these arguments based on a deeper analysis of the ethical issue.
• Your report should contain all of the arguments contained in your visualisation, and you should not introduce new arguments in your essay that are not in your visualisation.
• When you have completed your visualisation, download it as a .pdf file and submit via Turnitin.

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