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Task 1: Company Analysis    Marks: 15

The directors’ report takes you through the key financial results, how the business delivered its strategy and the progress that was made relative to the business’s strategic plans. The rest of the annual report provides you with information on the segment financial results and operational measures outcome.

Document sources to be used[ The documents for 2016 are provided to potentially clarify changes over the last two years. ]:
1.Annual report (2017)
2.AGM Presentation to Shareholders (2017)
3.Director’s report or CEO’s letter to Shareholders.
4.Independent research

Task Requirements:

1.Provide a brief description of the company’s operations, brand portfolio, main competitors, and some comments on the current industry outlook and trends[ In case your business is operating in several industries, comment on the one which provides the main source of revenue. ].

B.Strategy and Performance Measurement
2.Identify the vision, mission and main strategic objectives of your allocated company and the measures the company reports to its success on; and discuss how the company performed relative to these measures.

Ensure to address the following aspects:
a)Purpose of the strategic report
b)Which financial metrics are reported to measure the success of the strategic objectives?
c)How did the business perform in each of its strategic objectives across these measures?

C.Profit Components
1.Identify the revenue-generating business segments (operational and/or regional) and explain how the operational activities to earn these revenues differ for each segment.

2.Determine the percentage revenue contribution for each segment to the total segment revenue for the last two years and comment on the change
a.Identify which segment contributes the highest portion of the revenue.
b.Are your findings in line with the strategic focus?

3.Identify whether the business’s operational revenues are volatile.
a.What type of sales volatility is discussed by the management or can you identify?
b.What are the expected periods of the highest and lowest revenue expectation and why?


4.Identify the major expense components outlined by the management.
a.What are the expense types discussed in the annual report[ Expenses can be identified by either clear headings in the comprehensive income statement or the brackets as indication of its negative nature. ]?
b.Comment on the cost behaviour and composition of the total expense based on its variable and fixed cost proportions.
c.Given the cost structure identified in (b), what could be the implications of drastic sales changes for the performance.

Task 2: Performance Analysis     Marks: 10

Document sources to be used[ The documents for 2016 are provided to potentially clarify changes over the last two years. ]:
Hotel & Event Businesses: Excel file with Balance sheet and Income Statement
This task requires you to analyse and interpret the results of a trend analysis of the performance of an individual hotel/ sports business for the last two years. 

A.Discuss the purpose and scope of a financial ratio analysis for the hospitality industry.
B.This financial ratio analysis requires you to calculate the ratios for the most recent two years*. The financial aspects that are to be investigated by your group are grouped as follows:

b.Margin Analysis
c.Efficiency Analysis*

2.Short-term financial stability (Liquidity)

3.Long-term financial stability (Financial Leverage/Gearing)

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