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There will be 4 online tests. The tests will be conducted as follows:

Session Week 3 - covering topics 1 to 3;

Session Week 6 - covering topics 4 to 5;

Session Week 10 - covering topics 6 to 9; and

Session Week 12 - covering topics 1 to 10.

Each online test will open on the Friday of that week at 12.00 am and close on the following Monday at 11.59 pm, allowing you 4 days to access the test. Each test will comprise 10 multiple choice questions which are drawn at random from a pool of questions. You will have 30 minutes to complete each test.

Each test may only be attempted once. Your final mark for this assessment task will be based on the average score of your best 3 online test results.

Please read the test instructions carefully before commencing each online test.

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