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Part A: Business Process Analytical Plan

Choose a realistic and detailed organisation or project, and analyse the Business Process Management (BPM) methods and techniques taught in the first three modules. Students are required to work on a process analytical plan (including As-Is and To-Be process mapping). In your analysis, consider and include the following:

• Critically analyse the role of business process management in your chosen case study

• Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risked and implementation processes


The Business process analytical plan contains:

• Business or project process briefing

• Case-based business or project process mappings (As-Is and To-Be)

• Critical analysis on two mappings where are applicable: Good Bad and Ugly; Costs and Benefits; Advantages and Disadvantages; Feasibility and Sensitivity etc.

Part B: Business Process Improvement Report

In continuum of Part A, students are required to compile a performance evaluation report, to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge developed from Module 4 and 5, by applying tools and techniques introduced in-class activities and personal researches. The students should clarify the business or project constraints and assumptions to create a scenario, where can be “For” or “Against” the “To-Be” process.


The Business process improvement report should cover:

• Brief description of the scenario Audit process improvement methods chosen

• Evaluate and suggest whether the “To-Be” can be the “Should Be”

• Establish and justify governance processes for BPM change

• Describe how to better ensure that all stakeholders are considered in both process and technology change.

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