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The goal of case analysis is to allow you to consolidate what you have learned in the class and from the book chapters and to apply the knowledge in a written analysis of a real world case. This is an individual assessment. For this assessment you should focus on the core issues underlying the case and illustrate the analysis with appropriate and relevant arguments, logic and theoretical frameworks to demonstrate your mastery and knowledge of the case subject matter and alignment with the chapter topics. Background research, analysing the case based on unit relevant topics, models and frameworks as well as strong arguments backed up by credible and relevant data and facts will be crucial in achieving a good mark. In constructing the case analysis, a report format is preferably advised over an essay format.

Important Note:
You must cite at least five (5) relevant peer reviewed journal articles (absolute minimum requirement). You can cite other academic references such as books, conference papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 5 journal articles. All of these academic references should be cited within the text of the paper; your reference list must match your citations.

Case: Kerry Sanderson, AO: Marketing a lifetime of service to business and government

Review the case and based on your chapter learning and topics covered in weeks 1, 2 and 3, write a report by referring to the following discussion questions.
*Is Kerry Sanderson a marketer?
*Discuss the term ‘sustainable marketing’. Discuss how Fremantle Ports applies the principle of sustainable marketing.
*Marketers face many options and decisions every day. What dilemmas did Kerry Sanderson face in balancing the short-term and long-term objectives of Fremantle Ports?

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