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To understand modern corporations, managers must consider their external and internal environments. Chapter 1 of the prescribed text discusses eight major external domains of which each potentially has critical implications for the business and the formulation of an entrepreneurship strategy to successfully deal with identified issues.

The brief

Write a report of 2,200 words in which you analyse the eight major domains in the external environment for an organisation of your choice. Conclude with a summary of the main external issues (opportunities and/or threats) facing the organisation and what their implications are on this organisation's survival, competitive advantage and growth prospects.

Aim to produce a report that would provide value to the senior management of the company of your choice. Support your analysis with references to credible sources.

Things to note:

1. must use the eight domains listed in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Do NOT use other external environment analysis frameworks you may have studied, such as PESTEL.
Note: the eight domains are listed in the report template for Assessment 1.
2. For this assessment you are not required to come up with strategies for dealing with these issues - you are only required to identify and draw conclusions about relevant opportunities and threats.
3. Your focus should only be on the external environment and how it affects the company, NOT on matters internal to the company, such as the history of the company, or its internal strengths and weaknesses. You must place emphasis on future expectations for the firm, not the past.

Selection of company:

Each student must select a unique organisation to analyse in Assessment 1. Please post the name of your chosen organisation in the Choice of Organisation forum (Assessment 1) BEFORE you start your report. Check the forum before you select your organisation, to make sure another student has not already claimed your chosen organisation. First come, first served!

Report Format

All three assignments must be presented in the format of management reports that comply with the following:

• Format: Microsoft Word.
• Font:12 point, Times New Roman.
• Text [Including references]: 1.5 line spacing, left-justified.
• Page Layout:1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all sides with page numbers in the bottom right corner and no header/footer.
• A front cover page that contains the report's title, author(s), submission date and word count.
• An executive summary of no longer than one page.
• A table of contents (TOC). Main and sub-sections must be numbered and linked to page numbers.

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