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Assignment 1 - Research Plan

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The Research Plan is an individual assessment and should be no longer than 1000 words.
The aim of the research plan is to allow students to focus on exploring their chosen media career/s, potential pathways to that career, developmental goals and outcomes. This is a research report, so you will be required to find sources to support your ideas and provide references based on your individual research.

The Research Plan will be submitted to Canvas via the 'Submit Assignment' link on the relevant assignment page.
Your Research Plan Should Aim to Cover the Following
• What is your chosen/optimum/dream media career?
• What is the position description of a role within this career choice?
• What is the expected remuneration of this role?
• What skills are required to fulfill this role?
• Are there university or training requirements to fulfill this role?
• What timeline of experiences could you expect to have before achieving this role?
• What are the sorts of organisations/careers where this role would be needed?
• What are the sorts of changes or disruptions that have occurred in this career or career environment?
• Is this a role that is likely to develop or change in line with technological, social, governmental or other developments?
• Are there any great practitioners currently working in this role?
• Any other information a student would need to pursue this role.

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