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Part 1 - Server Build Document

1. Computer Settings

1.1. General Settings

General settings as recorded in ‘Control Panel / System’ are presented below:

1.2. Logical Network Settings

Network and adapter and IP settings is provided using the command ‘ipconfig /all’:

1.3. Logical Storage

Listing of disks and volumes is provided using the PowerShell command set:

Hostname; Get-Volume

2. Roles and Features Installed

Listing of all roles and features installed on the server is obtained using the PowerShell command set:

Hostname ; Get-WindowsFeature | where-object {$_.Installed -eq $True}

<Insert the required server screenshot below>

 3. Core Network Services

3.1. DNS

DNS is installed on the server and all zones are integrated with Active Directory (AD). Listing of all DNS zones is provided using the PowerShell command:  


4.2. DHCP

DHCP is installed on the server. Listing of all DHCP scopes is provided using the PowerShell command:  


5. Active Directory

5.1. Forest, Domain and Site

The server acts as Domain Controller (DC) and Global Catalog server. At this stage this DC holds all Operation Master roles. Listing of the Active Directory (AD) forest, domains and sites is provided using the PowerShell command:


5.2. Organizational Units

The Organizational Unit (OU) structure reflects the stipulated system administration requirements. Listing of the OUs is provided using the PowerShell command:

Get-ADObject -Filter { ObjectClass -eq 'organizationalunit' }

5.3. Security Groups

The group structure reflects the security requirements of the divisions/departments of the organisation.  Listing of all Global security groups in AD is provided using the PowerShell command:

Get-ADGroup -filter {GroupScope -eq "Global"} | Select Name,DistinguishedName | Sort-Object Name

The above command needs to be typed on one line (text wraps across two lines)!  

5.4. Groups Policy Objects

Listing of all GPO’s in AD is provided using the PowerShell command:

Get-GPO -all | Select DisplayName,Owner | Sort-Object DisplayName

6. Shared Folders

Listing of all shared folders on the server is provided using the PowerShell command:

net share

Part 2 - Server Build Document Review

For each section in your partners build document you have to record whether the section was completed and whether the information in the section is correct. The table below represents a checklist, where each row corresponds to a section in the build document. You have to complete this table for each section of your partners build document. 

If a section is missing in your partners build the document, or if the information in a section is not correct or incomplete, mark it with ‘N’, otherwise mark it with ‘Y’. For any section marked with ‘N’, explain what needs to be corrected. If no correction is required, you may leave the cell in the rightmost column empty. Note that corrections may require making configuration changes to the server (e.g. if the servers IP address was incorrect). 

For ‘Required corrections’, use the format: Date=Date you conducted the review, Initials=Your initials, Recommendation=Briefly describe the correction(s) required, Return by=Date by when the corrections must be completed. Use the examples provided for sections 1 and 3 as a guideline. 

Entry 1 and 3 in the table show examples in which corrections had to be made. Entry 1 also shows corrections, which had to be redone multiple times before the section was accepted.  

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