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BSBHRM506 | Assessment Task 1 Develop Recruitment, Selection and Induction | Management

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Complete the following activities: 

1. Review the information above. In your role as Human Resources Manager, prepare a memo (or email) to the Principal Consultant confirming the strategic objectives and operational priorities of the organisation, including a.n outline of the new positions to be recruited, as well as confirming the actions you will take to achieve these objectives and priorities as per the scenario information. 

2. Develop draft recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedure for Grow Management Consultants. Your policy statements should be short and concise and your procedures brief but clear and written in plain English in order to ensure usability by all. Your policy and procedure should include the following: 

• Purpose of the policy

• Scope — who it applies to, as well as a relevant commonwealth and state/territory legislation addressed by the policy and procedure 

• Objectives of the policy and procedure, including equality and diversity3 • Roles and responsibilities 

• Procedures for. - identifying a vacancy5 - developing a position description (using a template)

-information to be provided to candidates

-advertising, including information about where positions should be advertised and the information that should be included' o advertising on Seek, should be the preferred advertising location. 

-method of application

-shortlisting procedure interview face-to-face interviews should be the preferred option 

- selection 

-online psychometric testing and online personality profile testing should be included appointments — record-keeping requirements

- induction15 

- a meeting with the HR Manager and the employee, and the manager separately, at the end of probation should be included. 

3. Develop a draft position description template. As a minimum, the position description template you develop should include the following headings: 

• Job title 

• Location 

• Reporting responsibilities (who is the manager/supervisor) 

• Main duties/responsibilities 

• Skills and experience 

• Performance goals. The position description template should provide brief notes under each heading to guide managers in completing the template. 

4. Develop a draft standard letter template for unsuccessful candidates (that have been interviewed for a position). The template should be presented in a professional business letter format with space available for the position and candidate information. The letter should be written in clear and concise English and be free of errors. 

5. Research and develop a draft induction checklist that could be used by Grow Management Consultants for any new staff member. The induction checklist should be approximately one to two pages and include brief instructions to managers about completing the checklist. 

6. Send the memo and draft documents you have developed to the Principal Consultant (this will be your assessor) by the required date, and request a meeting to discuss the policy and procedures, sample position description template, letter template, and the induction checklist. Your assessor will provide you with a date, time and location for the meeting. 

7. Participate in a meeting to discuss all of the documents you have developed. Your assessor in the role of Principal Consultant will ask you questions and provide feedback. During the meeting you will need to demonstrate effective communication skills including  

â–  answering questions about the documents developed 

• communicating information, speak clearly and concisely.

• providing clear answers to questions 

• using active listening techniques to confirm and clarify information and suggestions. 

8. After the meeting, update your documents according to the feedback provided to you by the Principal Consultant (your assessor). 9. Submit the final revised version of each document to your assessor within three days of the meeting. 

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