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Based on the CADDIE business-marketing planning process. Your organisation will develop a list of questions that will be required to conduct a marketing audit. This will require students to follow the steps outlined in the e-book, however, the assessment will also require research to determine what secondary data is available when analysing the situational factors - Customer, Organisation, Market & Product [COMP factors].

The activity: a chance encounter reveals the steps that Maddison and Neil have taken to date. You will now complete the proforma or template to conduct a marketing audit as part of the business-marketing planning process. You or not required to explore an actual organisation, but rather produce an holistic document that may be employed to audit different B2C organisations.

Warning: Students have permission to include diagrams created for this unit by Stephen Fanning. As simply copying diagrams would consume considerable time relative to the degree of learning. However, the include diagrams should be accompanied with captions created by the student to demonstrate the student's knowledge and their relationship with the concept being discussed.

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