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Instructions to students: 

Complete the following activities: 

1. Meet with the Principal Consultant (your assessor) to provide training in regard to the policy and procedure for recruitment and selection of candidates and completing the position description template you developed in Assessment Task 1. 

During this meeting, you will also discuss and determine which position the company will recruit first. You are required to participate in the discussion, ask questions and provide advice that correlates to the policy and procedure. 

Provide a printed copy of the policy and procedure and the position description template for the meeting and go through each of the areas in the template that need to be completed, as well as the level of detail that is expected. 

You will be required to demonstrate effective communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely, responding to questions and active listening. 

2. Develop a job advertisement in accordance with the organisational and legislative requirements as specified in the recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedure that you developed as part of Assessment Task 1. Your advertisement must clearly reflect the requirements of the position description, as well as include brief company information and remuneration details. Your assessor will review both your advertisement, as well as the recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedure you developed to assess this. 

3. Research at least two recruitment consultants that could be used, should Seek advertisement not attract the right kind of candidate. Identify the services offered by the recruitment consultants, as well as contact details and any other useful information. 

4. When you have completed the advertisement, send it to the Principal Consultant for approval prior to advertising. Your covering memo or email should include information on the research that you have conducted in regard to the recruitment consultants and why it may be necessary to use these consultants. 


Instructions to students: 

1. Prepare and send a memo or an email to the Principal Consultant with an overview of the selection procedures as per the recruitment, selection and induction policy you have developed. You should also use this opportunity to gently explain why it is important to apply the same procedure to all candidates. 

2. The next part of the procedure is to confirm the face-to-face interviews by email. The proposed interview date is 6 October and interview times being 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 3 pm. Each interview is expected to take 1 hour and candidates will be asked to set questions which they must reply to. The location of the interview will be at Head Office — Level 1, 10 Martin Street, Newcastle. There will be two interviewers, you as the Human Resources Manager and the Principal Consultant. Develop a suitable email with the required position and interview information and including your information in the email signature. The first interview at 10 am is with Maggie Perez so address the email to Maggi and send it (to your assessor). 

3. Assume that the interviews have been conducted. You need to review the selection report produced by the selection panel (provided by your assessor) and decide to endorse/not endorse the panel's selection decision of the preferred candidate for the role of the Accounts Manager. Complete the highlighted sections of the selection report to show your decision and return the completed report to the Principal Consultant (your assessor). 

4. Develop a letter of offer for the candidate that will be appointed. The name of the candidate is Maggie Perez and her address is 2/5 Belmont Gardens, Belmont NSW 2573. Use the letter of offer template provided by your assessor and populates it with the information from the position description. You may date the letter of offer as the date on which you submit the letter. 

5. Prepare the letters to the unsuccessful interview candidates using the letter template that you developed in Assessment Task 1. The candidate information can be found in the selection report. 

6. Submit the letter of offer and the letters informing candidates that they were not successful in your assessor by the date specified by your assessor.

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