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Assessment Task:

This is your major assessment and can be done in a group of 4 members. The aim of this major assessment is to give you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained in this unit as well as enhance your skills and experience by developing an authentic prototype website solution for a small business. Hence, this assessment gives you an excellent opportunity to learn by doing and working in a team environment.

These days e- business websites are an integral part of any business operation for competitiveness as well as survival reasons. We have high expectations of you and therefore, as future ICT professionals, you need to be able to show your intellectual capability by creating a prototype website solution for a small business of your choice in any industry type. This is very critical, so you should use cutting edge and state of the art technologies available to carry out your required work.

There are two parts in this assessment:
Part-1: E-Business Website Prototype Solution (20 marks; 500 words)

You as a group need to develop an e-business prototype website solution using any open source platform such as Joomla CMS any cloud-based web development platform such as Wix, Shopify etc. for a small e-business in any industry of your choice. You are encouraged to use critical thinking, innovative ideas, and your imagination to produce your e-business prototype website solution.

As a part of your e-business prototype website solution, you are required to configure your website and design a homepage. You need to configure extensions like contact us, catalogue, shopping cart, customer registration, user login, checkout and any other extensions appropriate for your business model.

In this part of the assessment, you are also required to describe your group project reflections which include the following.
• Briefly describe the challenges you had encountered in designing your e-business website (250 words).
• List and briefly describe the resources you had researched or used for designing your e-business website (250 words).

Part-2: E-Business Report (30 marks, 3000 words)

You need to write an e-business report on the proposed business of your choice. This report should include (but is not limited to) the following elements such as
• e-business proposal/planning (including mission statement, target audience, intended market space, strategic analysis, e-commerce presence map),
• e-business model(s),
• e-business marketing,
• e-business infrastructure (such as hardware, software, resource requirements),
• e-business payment system(s),
• e-business legal, security, privacy and other issues, and
• e-business benefits that will be derived from the solution.

This group assessment will assess your understanding of the technological infrastructure and functional requirements of a small e- business website and it will allow you to demonstrate your ability to research, analyse, synthesise and evaluate the business, social, legal and technical issues associated with a small e-business. It is expected that you will demonstrate your learning, integration and incorporation of the knowledge that you have acquired in this unit to produce a high quality e-business report.

You are required to use at least 10 references including 5 academic references for the e-business report.

Assessment Submission:
You need to create separate MS Word documents for Part-1 and Part-2 of this assessment.
Each of you in the group must upload the MS Word documents to Moodle individually.

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