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In effect, the CEO, Lisanne, is seeking from you:
1. a ‘lessons learned’ brief of the two projects, and
2. how these learnings can be adopted into MAC’s growth ambition project.

Firstly, you will need to critically examine what the two companies have done or may have done, at each phase of the project management cycle (initiation, planning, execution – including monitoring and control but ignoring closing) and how that led to the final outcome.  The outcome could be either positive results or negative results.   As detailed information on the projects is ‘Commercial in Confidence’, it is highly unlikely that any company-originated documents would be available in the public domain.  You will need to rely on company media releases, news reports, and professional case studies for information. 

In some instances you will need to examine the outcome (e.g., inability to connect electric cablings between A380 aircraft modules) of the relevant project activities (e.g., engineering design) and make some assumptions as to what the companies might have done or not done in terms of following proper project management methodologies (e.g., quality plan …etc).  Focus on the international context whenever you need to.  This is particularly important for the second part of this task.  You are working for a Japanese company, with a female CEO and your supply partners are from across the globe.  What strategies are you going to recommend to your CEO to ensure MAC does not repeat Boeing’s and AirBus’ mistakes because of cultural differences and other issues that are unique to international projects?

The video on the AirBus A380 and 787 will provide a fair amount of information about the issues that both projects faced and should assist you with this task.
Your report should be presented in an essay format. It needs to look and sound professional and to be suitable for presentation in a Business Development debate.

Preparing your submission:
Prepare your submission as a Word document of 1,500 words per student, 10%+/- and excluding the list references. Make sure you include at least three references to academic and/or professional body publications, using the Harvard referencing style.
Refer to the Assessment 3 marking rubric before starting work on your submission.

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