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PBHL20006 | Assessment 3 Research Positionality Paper | Management

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This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment. Based on your informal reflections throughout the term, you will explore your positionality, the assumptions and the insights you have gained related to participatory public health research. In a 1500-word essay, reflect on your positionality throughout the term. In your essay, you will need to focus on

• Your positionality at the start of the term

• The inherent assumptions of your positionality and its effect on participatory research

• Insights you have gained throughout the term that have influenced (whether positively or negatively) your positionality

Your paper will be graded on the following:

• Present essay in a professional manner 5%

• Describe positionality assumptions and insight 5%

• Demonstrate reflexivity between positionality and participatory research 5%

• Demonstrate the use of evidence by referencing lecture/readings/tutorial 5%

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