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Assignment Brief

You are to write a Safety Case Report reflecting on the Risk Matrix that you have completed in Weeks 2-11. You are to incorporate items discussed in the RE workshops as part of this report. The body of the report will be structured by you to achieve the best possible communication with the reader. Your intended audience is senior executives and other external senior stakeholders relating to safety and risk management.

The report also needs to include:

SCU Cover-sheet: This is the cover-sheet that SCU requires all students to place on the front of all Assignments.

Title-page: The title-page is the page that all authors put on the reports and submissions that they write like professionals.

Contains a Title e.g. “Safety Case Report on Risk Management Issues and Mitigations”

Title: Contains the name of the author i.e. you. Contains the File Name and Version number of the report, Contains the date the report was completed

Header & Footer: The Header must contain your name and your student number. The Footer must contain the Unit number i.e. CMM92001 and the page number (Page numbering commences after the title-page), your full name and your student number (first name, second name, student number). You must save your Word document as your first name last name and student number. For example Fred_Smith_12345.

Academic References: For the purposes of this report you will need to provide a minimum of 5 Academic References that you need to connect to Risk Management and Resilience in Engineering. Failure to provide a minimum of 5 references will incur a max 40% mark of this portion of the assignment.

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