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Assessment 2 Employee Consultation in Offshoring | Management

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In this task, you will be considering the efficacy of best practice guidance on employee consultation, with particular reference to plant closures in the offshoring of jobs. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has produced a best practice guide to consultation and cooperation in the workplace. This guide outlines the processes that employers ought to apply in workplace consultation.

Recent examples of plant closures and relocation of jobs overseas have highlighted possible gaps in the coverage and efficiency of these guidelines. This link will take you to one such example.

You are asked to prepare a report that considers possible gaps in the FWO best practice guide, in light of research on employee consultation, recent case examples where employee consultation may not have occurred as imagined in the best practice guide, and other advice on employee consultation offered by employer and union bodies. Make recommendations on how the best guide may be strengthened. 

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