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Write an essay explaining how the Australian National Drug Strategy framework can be used to minimise the harm associated with the use of one of the following drugs: 

1. Tobacco

2. Heroin

3. Methamphetamine

Within your essay, answer the following:

1. Describe the psychoactive drug (include category, usage in Australia (rates and trends), etc.). 

2. Using the 4 Ls model, describe the harm associated with this drug to the individual, family, and society. 

3. Explain the concept of harm minimization that underpins Australia’s National Drug Strategy.

4. Provide three examples of initiatives/approaches used in Australia which aim to minimise the harm associated with the use of this drug. Explain which pillar of the harm minimisation model each example fits within (supply reduction, demand reduction or harm reduction).

Use the following information as a guide to inform your work and structure your essay

Introduction (5 marks)

• Introduce the assignment topic – provide some background information

• Clearly, state the assignment purpose

• Outline the essay structure

• Introduce the drug of choice

• Include definitions as appropriate

Main body (24 marks)

• Answer all four parts of the essay question using relevant, recent and reliable evidence in the main body.

• Address each question in a separate section (headings may be useful but are optional)

• Refer to the relevant theory and support your discussion with evidence

• Reference your sources, theory, and examples using correctly formatted APA style in-text references

• Write in paragraph format, starting a new paragraph for each new point or idea 

• Link your paragraphs so that your essays flow in a cohesive manner

Conclusion (5 marks)

• Restate the essay purpose (use different words from the introduction)

• Summarise and synthesize the key points of your essay

• End with a concluding statement 

Academic writing (6 marks)

• Correct formatting

• Correct essay structure

• Logical flow

• Grammar and spelling

• Correct APA referencing

Further important information

Use of the essay template

• Use the essay template (in Blackboard under assessment 2 tab), to help you structure your essay.

Use of the marking rubric

• Use the marking rubric to guide your work.

• Also, refer to the marking rubric for expected levels of work and corresponding grades/marks.

Using evidence to support your work

• Refer to at least TEN different academic sources to support your discussion.

• Reliable academic sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, academic textbooks, government, and scientific websites/reports

The ECU library has developed a Library Guide for Addiction Studies that outlines the key resources for Addiction Studies and is a very useful starting point for Library research. The Addiction Studies Library G Follow the APA assessment format. This includes 1.5 or double spacing, indenting paragraphs, Arial 11 or Times New Roman font 12 and correct formatting and order of reference list (alphabetical order of first author and hanging indents).

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