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Students are asked to create a folio of film-based writing. This folio is to consist of 4 pieces that will form 2500 words in total. There are two types of writing that this Folio will be made of:

• Creative Responses to the Films watched this trimester. This section will also include documents that are used in the creation of Films and support film industries.

• Scholarly Academic Writing that supports the four modules of learning i.e. Film and Narrative, Mise-En-Scene, Genre and Film an Authorship.

Students should select at least one type from each category to include in their folio. Student can choose from the following options:

Creative Responses

• Film Review: Students can write a review of one of the films viewed for this unit. The review should provide an overview of the film, without spoiling the story of the film. This should be a typical film review as you might find in a newspaper or online website. (500 words)

• Film Treatment: Students can write a one-page synopsis of an original film idea. The intention of the treatment is to entice a production company into producing your film. A film treatment can be short (from 1-2 pages) or can be a complete story overview of the finished film. For this assessment, the treatment must be a short summary of the film as you envision it. (500 words)

• Write an Additional Scene: From one of the films create a new scene that fits into the story of the film. It should be a scene that adds to the story of the existing film and the cover page should clearly indicate which film it is from. The scene must be written in the accepted screenplay format. Please use the Screen Australia script format.  (500 words)

• Write a Selected Scene As Prose: Choose a scene from one of the six films and convert the scene into a short section of prose. Clearly identify at the end of the section in a few sentences, the film chosen and the scene written. (500 to 1000 words).

• Character Synopsis: Pick a character from one of the films seen this trimester and write a Character Biography describing the character’s journey from the given film. Do not put in any information which is not supplied by the film. At the end of this section please indicate which film the character is from (500 words)

Scholarly Academic Writing

• Analysis of a Scene: Students can undertake a scholarly analysis of a single scene from one of the films view for this unit. The intention here to analyse the themes, ideas, and symbolism that exists in a given scene. You must clearly cite external sources besides the readings provided which will support your analysis of the scene. (500 to 800 words)

• Analysis of a Genre: Students can take one of the films that they have watched for this unit and make a scholarly argument on why the film belongs to a particular genre. The argument must clearly establish what the genre the film is, and why the student believes that this film fits into that genre. Think about the readings on genre and provide examples from the film and other sources that support your argument. (500 to 1000 words)

• Argument for an Auteur: Student can choose a single film (that was not viewed for this unit) and state the case why they believe the director, editor or actor in the film may be considered an Auteur. Here it is important that you look at the elements of the person’s work that you believe makes them an auteur. This can be themes that they return to, a choice of camera angles and film, and the way that they deploy Mise-En-Scene. The chosen auteur must be in the film medium, other mediums such as television or video games cannot be considered. (500 to 800 words)

In this section, each folio item must be backed up with scholarly and academic research to support the argument made by the student. Please use tools such as the Deakin Library and Google Scholar to help research your argument. At a minimum, each option selected from this section must have at least 3 references (not including any from existing readings in this unit). If you select more than one of these options, each piece of writing must have at least 3 references. Writing that does not support its argument with external references will lose marks. A bibliography with the relevant sources must be provided at the end of this assessment.

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