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Assignment description:

This will be a challenging assignment based on the student’s individual effort and the focus is on Small Medium Enterprises and Innovation Driven Enterprises.  The assessment is based on a combination of an in-class presentation, using Poster materials and the submission of a report. 

The audio-visual presentation should give information about the business: when was the business started; what is it; describe the creativity demonstrated in terms of the technological innovation or product/process re-engineering.  You have 5 mins to present using poster/video as aids to your presentation.

The individual report should give more information: example, talk about the background of the entrepreneur who started the business and pay particular attention to their mind-set and their motivation to succeed.  What is it that makes this a truly innovative product or process?  How was the business funded and how much? What is the current value of the business?


The last few years have seen many start-up businesses in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.  You are required to research a start-up business which has survived more than 3 years after it started.

• The global travel industry had witnessed more than 1.2 billion international travellers in 2015.  The travel market has lots of opportunities for innovation and business disruption.  Investors have invested more than US$29 billion of funding for travel start-ups from 2016 to 2017.
• There are many start-ups worth more than US$10 billion.  For example, Ant Financial is now worth more than US$100 billion.
• The number one start-up in the U.S. is Uber which is now worth more than US$65 billion.
•  Airbnb is worth more than US$40 billion and is disrupting the traditional accommodation business model.

Approach and Requirement:

Part 2a In-Class Presentation format

The assessment task must be presented in a visual format such as video, digital poster or Web blog with Photos.

1. Students are encouraged to use their creativity presentation style. For example, students may choose to present their content in a video documentary style presentation or Digital poster with photos and info-graphics or Web blog with photos.
2. Presentation materials must be ready on the day of the presentation.  The presentation must not exceed 5 minutes otherwise marks will be deducted.
3. Presentations commence in Week 7 (from 2nd September 2019) and must be concluded in Week 9 (end 20th September 2019)
4. All electronic copies of presentation materials must be submitted in the LMS drop-box immediately after the day of the presentation.

Part 2b Individual Report

There are many sources of information available on google and you-tube.  You need to avoid plagiarising other people’s materials – do not exceed the low limit similar score of 20%.  If there is a direct definition or quote, make sure this is referenced as a bibliography.

The development of the report is important.  Always start with a concept map or plan to guide you. Follow the standard format of writing university-level assignments. 

Criteria used to grade the report:

1. Introduction: Introductory paragraph is clearly stated, has a sharp, distinct focus and enhances the impact of the report.
2. Organization: Writing shows high degree of attention to logic and reasoning of points.  Information is presented in effective order.   Excellent structure of paragraphs and transitions readability and enhances comprehension.
3. Development: Shows a full understanding of the topic.  Main points are well developed with high quality and quantity support.   Reveals a high degree of critical thinking.
4. Evidence of Appropriate Research: Outside sources are incorporated logically, insightfully, and elegantly.   APA referencing used throughout is consistent and accurate and demonstrated ability to reference a range of both primary and secondary sources both in-text and using a reference list.

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