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BUMGT5970 | Assessment 2 Leadership Context Essay | Business

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Assessment Task 1:    The Leadership Context essay

Details of task

Consider the roles and situations, and the leadership behaviours that might be required, in the table below. Choose two of these and write up to 750 words (per topic) on how leadership might be exercised and what are the contextual factors that are relevant.

The topic

By the CEO of a multinational firm
Leading an inner city street gang
Conducting a symphony orchestra
By a sports coach
In an emergency rescue squad
In a Hollywood film cast and crew
In a hospital emergency room
By a Prime Minister/President
On a battlefield
By a social worker in an aged care home
By a diplomat

By a prison guard
By a supervisor on a construction site
In a sales presentation
After an earthquake
During a meeting where a person is informed he/she has been fired.
In a heart-to-heart talk among close friends.
In a rock group
By a maitre d’ in a restaurant
In a fundraising campaign

Assessment Task 2:    Essay: The challenge of leadership today?

“The life of a modern-day leader clearly is not easy. Inside their organizations, they need to lead and motivate a diversified group of people, work across organizational boundaries, improve efficiency, and achieve growth. Externally, they face a complex and globalized environment; they have to manage the requirements of government, keep up with competitors, and meet the expectations of other stakeholders. And within this global environment, there are many cultural considerations leaders must face to be effective. They must work across cultural boundaries and alongside others who, at times, are very different from them and have different ways of getting work completed”

Gentry W.A, Eckert, R.H, Stawiski SA, and Zhao S (2016) Center For Creative Leadership, “The Challenges Leaders Face Around the World More Similar than Different” p3

You are to write an essay where you discuss what you consider to be the major challenges of leadership in today’s world.

Your essay needs to show evidence of reading widely on this topic. You must consider the following questions:

1.What are the challenges of leading an organisation in today’s world?

2.What needs to change in the way we frame and understand leadership if we are to meet the challenges of leading in such complex and uncertain times?

3.What would be your main recommendations for improving the quality of leadership development programs? Comment on how your recommendations would help to address some of the limitations of approaches used to date to develop both leaders and leadership.

Assessment Task 3: Reflective Journal and Report

Effective leadership is central to leading and managing an organisation at all levels. Reflection is increasingly being recognised as an important tool to “cultivate on-the-job learning conditions” (Seibert 1999, p.201).

Reflection is a critical aspect of an authentic learning environment (Herrington, 2012; Herrington, Reeves, & Oliver, 2010; Lombardi, 2007).

You are required to keep a journal over the course of the semester that outlines how your understanding of the topic of leaders and leadership has been shaped by your participation in the course.

Your task is to produce a report that describes your growth, or journey, showing how your reading, participation in on-line work and reflection have shaped your view of what leadership is and isn’t. It can incorporate any reflections you may have noted during, or following, a class.

You will need to:

1.Demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which reflection is defined and understood academically
2.Describe how the various class activities have shaped your understanding of yourself and others and the effect this is having on your capacity to lead, as well as to follow.
3.You must in some way connect or relate your reflection to the readings assigned throughout the course. You must reference at least 10 academic articles as well as making use of the textbooks on the topic of leadership. These references must be cited correctly.
4.Describe other experiences that you consider relevant to describing how your thoughts, ideas and views of leading and leadership have emerged, or remained constant, for example, any

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