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Assignment 2 - Reflective Report

Reflective Report
The reflective report is an individual assessment and should be no longer than 1000 words.
The aim of the reflective report is to re-position your media career goals and development in light of the mentor responses you have received to your questions. This is a personal report; it aims to allow you to make a plan based on your reporting and redevelopment of your career and other media related goals.
The Reflective Report will be submitted to Canvas via the 'Submit Assignment' link on the relevant assignment page.

Your Reflective Report Should Aim to Cover the Following
    • What were your media goals at the beginning of semester?
    • Have these changed or developed?
    • What is your plan for meeting your goals?
    • What do you need to do, learn, talk about, reflect on, or stop in order to achieve your goals?
    • What did your mentor suggest that assisted you in thinking about and developing your goals?
    • Are there personal or professional experiences that your mentor talked about that inspired you or made you reflect on your own goals?
    • What is your measure of successful atta

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