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Assignment B - Tasks to be undertaken

This assignment is intended to support the development of a clear research thesis proposal through:

• An introduction to the research topic and problem context

• The presentation of a clear aim and set of objectives

• A concise literature survey highlighting the key themes for your proposed project in a thematic manner

• A detailed explanation, with justification, of your chosen methodology for your planned research study

• A summary of any ethical issues that you anticipate and how these will be addressed.

• Consideration of any risks involved with the chosen methodology, and how these will be managed.

• A detailed work plan for the proposed study including Milestones and related tasks.

Assessment will be based on the extent to which the learning outcomes listed above have been met.

70% - 100% “Distinction Level”

Excellent work which demonstrates that the student:

• Possesses an authoritative grasp of the conceptual context within which the work was undertaken

• Is able to display originality, insight, and powers of in-depth critical analysis in the solution offered and/or is able to sustain an argument displaying originality, insight into current debates and conceptual positions, in-depth critical analysis, and is capable of expressing this argument clearly, concisely and accurately.

• Possesses a high degree of relevant technical competence

60% - 69% “Merit Level”

A clear grasp of an appropriate methodology suitably focused on the topic/problem. A good level of understanding, organisation and relevant technical ability. An ability to synthesize material and to construct responses that reveal good skills of critical analysis and insight.

55% – 59% “pass level”

A coherent response to the task undertaken demonstrating a sound grasp of appropriate methodology. Work will be accurate and appropriately organized with clear evidence of the skills of critical analysis.

50% – 54% “marginal pass level”

The grasp of material and methodology is such as to enable a basic response to the task undertaken. Work will generally be accurate and appropriately organised with some evidence of critical analysis.

45% – 49% “marginal fail”

The work demonstrates some understanding of the topic/problem but overall the achievement in terms of understanding, technical accuracy, organisation, and critical analysis does not justify a pass mark.

40% - 44% “fail”

Student’s performance is deficient in most respects, revealing inadequate grasp of the material, poor organisational and technical ability and poorly developed communication skills. No evidence of critical analysis. A clear fail.

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