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1. You are required to rank the hierarchy of the following sources of information and briefly explain your decision.
• Building Code of Australia – NCC
• Building Regulations (Vic.)
• Building Act (Vic.)
• Australian Standards - Various

2. The BCA is enacted via the Building Act 1993 in Victoria.
• Explain how this occurs, citing the relevant section.                                      

3. Research the current version of the Building Regulations for Victoria and nominate the following:
• Year of Publication
• Most recent amendment by name and date
• List three (3) significant changes incorporated into the current version

4. Explain how you would maintain currency (stay up to date) with any amendments to the Building Act and Regulations in Victoria.

5. Name the ‘Authority’ and identify the Division/ Section it is established under

6. The ‘Authority’ is tasked with a number of Functions in the Act.
• Name and explain the purpose of two (2) of those functions.

7. List and describe the purpose of all three (3) volumes of the BCA.
8. The BCA is updated every three (3) years.
• Identify the next proposed release date
• Explain why has the ABCB has extended the update period to three years, instead of annually (prior to 2016)
9. Research and describe the ‘Goal’ of the BCA as defined by the ABCB10.   
10. The BCA is a ‘Performance Based Code’ see Figure 1.0.2 – NCC Compliance Structure
• Research and explain the purpose of each of the following terms, as defined in the BCA.
11. Identify two (2) Deemed to Satisfy Solutions
12. Identify two (2) materials used as a ‘Performance Solution’
13. Using one (1) of the materials identified as a ‘Performance Solution’, provide a summary of the ‘Performance Requirements’ contained in the ‘Certificate of Conformity’

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