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Part 1. Preparation of Issues to be discussed at a Joint Conference of Experts.
From the attached information supplied, prepare a chart of the matters to be discussed and identify areas of difference of opinion between the parties’ experts.

Part 2. Joint Conference of Experts.
During the block course on Friday or Saturday afternoon as a representative of either the Claimant or the Respondent you will participate in a Joint Conference at which you will seek agreement on issues and identify any issues unable to be resolved.
Part 3. Brief of Evidence and Joint Conference Report.
Task One: Prepare a Brief of Evidence in the correct format for the evidence you will present on behalf of your client.
Task Two: Resulting from the Joint Conference, you will individually prepare a report of the outcome of the Joint Conference.

The Brief of Evidence and Report should both:
(a) Comply with the requirements of the High Court Rules, a copy of which can be found on Moodle in particular Schedule 4 the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses.
(b) Follow the format of the precedents to be found on Moodle.
(c) Identify items where agreement has been reached; and
(d) Identify those issues of disagreement between experts that require adjudication. You must state the reason/s for the disagreement.
(e) The issues should be presented concisely, in a logical sequence so as to provide an agenda for the Court and questioning in the witness box.

Your Brief of Evidence and Conferral Report should include the following components:
• A cover sheet with your name and student ID number.
• A copy of the issues chart you prepared as part of your preparation.
• A Brief of Evidence.
• A Conferral Report.
• Use page numbering to make it easy to find information at a glance.

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