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Part 1 [7 marks]

A fictitious train company has the following data extract (imagine there are thousands of rows similar to these).

Using the ERDPlus modelling tool — no need to register), create an ER diagram and relational schema diagram of a structured database design in second normal form consisting of two or more named tables capturing the above data.                                               [1+1=2 marks]
• In the ER diagram indicate the cardinality of each relationship (one-one, one-many etc).                                               [1 mark]
• In the relational schema diagram show the attribute names and primary key(s) of each table.                                           [1 mark]

Include screen captures/image exports of the diagrams in your submission.

Note the design needs to enable the following types of queries easily:

i) How many trains are simultaneously running at 2pm on a weekday?
ii) How many trains depart from a particular station?

Justify your design choice and explain why it is in second normal form.       [2+1=3 marks]

Part 2 [33 marks in 12 parts]

We will make use of the MovieLens dataset contained in bus5dwr.dbo within the server. Please refer to Lecture 1 slides for instructions on how to access the server via DBeaver if you have not accessed it already. The data involves movie ratings and tags and is described in more detail here:

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