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1.Discuss how information systems are linked to business objectives of an organization.
2.Describe the "ideal" automated class registration system for a college or university. Compare this "ideal" system to what is available at your college.
3.You have been asked to participate in preparing your company's strategic plan. Specifically. your task is to analyze the competitive marketplace using Porter's five-forces model. Prepare your analysis using your knowledge of a business you have worked in. or have an interest in working for.
4.Based on the analysis you performed in Question 3. what possible strategies could your organization adopt to address these challenges? What role could information systems play in these strategies? Use Porter's strategies as a guide.
5.Briefly describe the hosted software model for enterprise software and discuss its primary appeal for SMEs
6.How is decision making in a group environment different from individual decision making and. why are information systems that assist in the group environment different? What are the advantages and disadvantages of making decision as a group?
7.Identify five major global issues that deter the spread of e-commerce. What steps can organizations take to overcome these barriers?
8.You are the vice president of an information technology for a large multinational consumer packaged goods company. You must make a presentation to persuade the board of directors to invest $5 million to establish a competitive-intelligence organization - including people, data-gathering services, and software tools. What key points do you need to make in favor of this investment?
9.Assume that you must take a computer-programming course next semester. What language do you think would be best for you to study? Why? Do you think that a professional programmer needs to know more than one programming language? Why or why not?
10.If cost was not an issue, describe the characteristics of your ideal computer. What would you use it for? Would you choose a handheld, portable, desktop or workstation computer? Why?

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