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Assignment Details

For this assignment, you are required to identify and develop one (or more) visualisation(s) for relational data sets (such as graphs, networks, trees as presented in lecture notes in week 3 and week 4) using existing tools, software or your own development using available libraries. You might use the sample data sets at the tutorials as well as the provided visualisation techniques. Alternatively, you are encouraged to search and use other visualisation tools and/or datasets in literature. Based the visualisation(s), you can to explore to find insight, patterns, ir(regularity) and interesting property from the visualisation.

You are also required to write a report (approximate 1500 words but no limit to) on the following aspects:

• Brief technical details of the used visualisation method(s),
• Discussion on the advantage and disadvantage of the visualisation method(s) in comparison with other methods in literature. Can the visualisation method(s) be used effectively for large data relational data sets and why?
• Discussion on the analysis results and findings on the data sets,
• Discussion on other aspects, literature review of related work and your critical thinking on the visualisation(s).

Note: images (as figures) are essential and should be included in the report to illustrate the visualisations, results and findings.

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