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This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.

You have been employed by Traditional Home-Style Restaurant (TSR), which is a start-up restaurant aiming to style food and service pm. Your role is to hel develo and implement strategic plans that support the direction and aspirations of the business

You are to obtain a copy of the business plan from your employer (who will be role-Played by your assessor), and read it carefully. Once understood, you are to arrange a time to meet with your employer (your as to identify company goals and aspirations, and to clarify the business plan where required.

Next, you are to develop a detailed operational plan that ensures the objectives and strategies outlined are met by work teams. As a minimum, your operational plan must outline:
Performance criteria

It is important that you also include details on how the plan will be implemented, monitored and reviewed!

Along with your operational plan, you are to develop and provide all relevant policies and procedures relating to:
 recruitment (including induction and staff development)
 acquiring physical resources / services
 protecting organisational intellectual property
It is important that you:
 Detail any specific resource requirements
 Include a detailed consultation process
 Include KPI's to measure organisational performance
 Include contingency plans at appropriate stages
 Include strategies for the recruitment / or induction or employees
 Include relevant forecasts or budgets as required
 Detail each strategy with an assigned priority, a timeframe, responsible parties and measurable performance indicators

Once developed, you are to arrange a meeting with your assessor, who will role-play your supervisor. The purpose of this meeting is to explain and gain approval for the implementation of your plan. You must be we prepared for this meeting, as your supervisor will be asking you detailed questions, and reasons for your proposal.

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