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MN610 | Assignment 1 VPN Technologies and Security Issues | Cloud Computing

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There are two parts to this assignment, i.e. part A and part B.

A. Write a review article for the following topics depending on the last digit of your ID: select Topic 1 if it ends in an ‘odd’ number or Topic 2 if it ends in an ‘even’ number. Note that final mark of part A would be affected by the presentation result of part B. This is to assure that students understand the work presented in part A. overall mark of part A could be deducted by 50% for poor presentation.     90 marks
B. Presentation (to present in 5-8 slides only in 5-8 minutes during Laboratory time)                10 marks

Part A description:
1. Topic 1 -  Cloud Computing Security with VPN
Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network or internet. It permits the client to store files online so that the user can access them from any location via the internet. The provider company makes them available to the user online by keeping the uploaded files on an external server. A major challenge for cloud computing providers is to deliver sufficient security levels to protect users' data. A lot of research has been carried out with this target.
Discuss how to secure connectivity to public cloud networks with VPN. Evaluate public cloud performance considering varying security schemes of firewalls and VPNs under the four scenarios: no firewall no VPN, firewall-only, VPN-only and a combination of firewall and VPN. Investigate the impacts of using VPN together with firewall on cloud computing performance.
Address the issue(s) of VPN security in details as described in common part section

2. Topic 2 – VPN Replacement Technologies

Legacy VPNs has had some major drawbacks and problems such as the ones described below. There have been attempts to resolve the issues, and some technologies are being deployed as alternatives, e.g. Microsoft DirectAccess, SoftEther VPN etc. Discuss the limitations/problems existed in legacy VPNs and recommend alternative options to resolve and overcome the problems of legacy VPNs. Address the issue of VPN security in details as described in common part section.

Common Part – VPN Security Issues

Fundamentally, VPN is known as being secure and safe; however, there are still many issues with regards to security aspects. A simple Google search of ‘VPN security’ displays 135 million results. Search the internet for relevant articles/papers, and compare and analyze what these security issues are and what solutions they propose.


Prepare your article as below
1. Go to the IEEE website and download the WORD template for the format.

2. Another link for the template:

3. Read and familiarize yourself with the instructions carefully.

4. Prepare a paper using the IEEE format and the example attached. Follow the template if there are any confusions. Also, refer to the link below to have ideas how to start (see section 6).

5. Complete the assignment (minimum 5 and maximum 8 pages) including all the sections below. The number of words will be counted thoroughly and you must keep the minimum number of words to avoid any penalties.
• Title                             (maximum 15 words)
• Abstract                             (200 – 250 words)
• Introduction                         (300 – 500 words)
• Literature Review                         (500 – 1000 words)
• Main body                         (500 – 100 words)
• Conclusion                         (200 – 300 words)
• Future Works                         (150 – 300 words)
• References                         (minimum 10 references)

6. The article must be a ‘Review’  article including at least 5 references and not more than 25.

7. Strictly follow the IEEE reference format for in-body citations and the references section.

8. See the attached files for guidance on how to prepare a review paper. You can also find thorough instructions from IEEE and the Internet.

9. Contents must include:
• History and background of the topic
• What are the challenges and drawbacks, what solutions and workouts they found
• Possible options (solutions) and future research areas proposed
• Scopes of topic, progress of developments such as requirements, benchmarking, purposes & objectives, stakeholders, owners, roles and responsibilities where applicable.
• Flowchart
• Include a minimum of two (2) figures to show the overall concept and summarized overview of the topic from the review of minimum 10 – 15 (but not limited to) papers.
• Include a couple of tables to summarize the result of findings
• How each organization approaches, initiates, develops procedures and ownerships, and what results they got, and how it affected their businesses.
• What you conclude in terms of the topic/solutions to implement in an organization. Consider other aspects to include for a good review paper.

10. Remember to strictly follow the template and the instructions above to avoid penalties.
Part B description:

Prepare slides (between 5 – 10 slides) for presentation during the lab class. Read the instruction attached carefully.

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