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Your task:

You are an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant. You have been given a contract to go into the organisation and it will be your responsibility to respond to the following three questions:

1.As an International Human Resource Management Consultant what are the issues? In this question you need to explain what the issues are in the case study.
2.How should Human Resource Management deal with the issues in the case? You need to explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated, taking into consideration the international environment.
3.What is your plan to present to the organisation? You need to make a solid recommendation to the company and present them with an implementation plan to eliminate the issues.

Write short report style answers to these three questions, remembering to cite and correctly reference your sources. DO NOT USE DOT POINTS.

For a comprehensive guide please visit this page: Writing Report - Assessment Task 3

Click on the link to find some good recommended references: Some Selected References for You to Begin Researching

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