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BUS5VA | Assignment 3 Data Visualisation using SAS Viya | Management

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TASK 1: Create data items [4 marks]

1.1 Calculate the Gross Margin of products, which is (Product Sales – Product Cost of Sales), and then create a new data item for the Average Gross Margin.

1.2 Create the Product Hierarchy including Brand, Line, Make, Style (in that sequence).

1.3 Create the Facility Geo-hierarchy including Continent, Country, Region, City (in that sequence).

TASK 2: Create visualisations to summarise the gross margin in 2017 [6 marks]

2.1 Create a crosstab to summarise the Product Sales and Gross Margin based on Countries and Continents.

2.2 Create a visualisation to show which Country generates the highest and lowest Gross Margin.

2.3 Compare the Product Sales over time across all Continents in 2017.

TASK 3: Create  interactive  visualisations  to  explore  product  sales  and  customer  satisfaction  [15 marks]

3.1 Create a drillable geo-map to compare the Product Sales from facilities across Continents, Countries, Regions, and Cities.

3.2 Create and incorporate the Average Customer Satisfaction towards products from each facility into the above geo-map.

3.3 Create a visualisation (on the same page) for the Product Sales over time in 2017 which can be adapted/filtered as we drill down the above geo-map.

TASK 4: Build one report page to help the global production manager identify the correlations between facility attributes and customer satisfaction [15 marks]

4.1 Create a button bar to filter transactions by facilities from each Continent and create a bar chart to compare the Average Customer Satisfaction towards products from each Country.

4.2 Create visualisations to show the correlations between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Distance; the distribution of Customer Distance; and the Average Customer Distance over time in 2017.

4.3 Interactively adapt/filter the three visualisations in the sub-task 4.2 by selecting each Country in the bar chart created in the sub-task 4.1.

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