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The group must also give a presentation of their component of the project and their contribution to the overall project and strategy.

The presentation should: explain each team members contribution to the project (everyone should present briefly) the outcomes reached by week ten challenges and how they were overcome a reflection on successes and where there was room for improvement any standout experiences, outcomes or breakthroughs experienced
The presentation should take no longer than 10 minutes.

You can use any resources available to add to your presentation, such as Prezi, Powerpoint, video, audio, posters etc. This should be a professional presentation, as you might do for an industry pitch or strategy implementation.

You also need to document and present your individual project outcome to be assessed by week 12.

Documentation might include:

Drafts of text, online work, design, video or audio work

A work journal

Email and other correspondence
An online project management tool archive or link
Links to research or research notes
You also need to complete your project outcome by no later than week 12 to professional standard.

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