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Prepare a plan and implement a workflow in SAP for the following process:

A Product Designer discovers that a component required for the construction of a product is no longer available. The Product Designer advises the Purchasing Officer of the component and the product it is required for. The Purchasing Officer identifies possible replacements for the component. The Purchasing Officer replies with one of the following alternatives:

• The replacement material has been identified and provides the details of the material;

• The original material can be sourced from a different supplier;

• It is not possible to replace the material.

If a replacement is found, the Product Designer enters the new material into master data and creates a new bill of materials for the product. If the material is available from a different supplier, the Product Designer advises the Purchasing Officer if the alternate supplier is OK or not. If it is not possible to replace the material, the Production Planning Manager is advised that the production of the product is no longer possible.

The assignment submission consists of three parts.

1) Evidence that each group member has completed the SAP tutorial exercises.

2) A written submission, submitted in pdf format via blackboard, that includes:

• The Student Names, Numbers, SAP username and password of all group members. (The SAP usernames are required by the lecturer to test the implementation of your solution);

• A description using the concepts from assignment 3 of your implementation plan: an organisational structure, a list of tasks and their actors, and an SAP workflow diagram to describe the processing logic;

• The name and abbreviation of the implemented Organisational Plan (must be in the form BXXXA3OP where XXX is the SAP user account);

• The workflow identifier assigned by the SAP system (WS90000NNN) and name (BXXXAssn3WF where XXX is the SAP user account) of the Workflow prepared for the case study;

• For each student in the group, the workflow identifier of the workflow created for the tutorial exercises;

• The Assessment Declaration sheet.

3) Your solution implemented in SAP.

• To avoid interfering with other students' work, all objects created for the workflow must include the numeric part of the SAP username that you used for development. It is also useful to include this number in the description of any objects created as this assists in finding the objects when searching.

• An organisational plan

• The implemented workflow

It is not expected that students will be able to implement all aspects of this workflow perfectly.

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