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For this assessment, you are to interview your assessor and gather the required data to review the implementation of your operational plan. To perform this task satisfactorily, you must be prepared, as your assessor will only provide you with answers to questions asked.

In performing this task, you should:
 Consider your operational plan developed in Assessment 1
 Identify the type of information required to determine the effectiveness of each strategy
 Assess the profitability and productivity outcomes of each strategy
 Identify areas of under performance
 Identify improvements that are appropriate to ensure the viability of the operational plan

Once you have gathered this information, you are to provide a written report that:
 comments on the effectiveness of the plans implementation
 reviews the financial outcome (in terms of viability, profitability and productivity) of each stratE
 outlines the areas of under performance, along with recommendations for improvements includes an amended version of your operational plan, with the changes highlighted
 outlines in detail how the changes will be implemented

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