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Assignment 2 Building Surveying

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You have been asked to advise the client, in the form of a report, on the various issues that have to be carefully considered and evaluated to ensure a successful adaptation of the manor house itself.

Your report should cover:
• the legal requirements that a client will need to expect and have to deal with;

• the processes that the client will need to go through to assess the suitability of the building to be adapted;

• how sustainability goals can be achieved and how assessment schemes can help in achieving this;

• what the client needs to understand if the historic interest of the property is to be respected and how it can be achieved;

• all the issues that have been discussed in this module that relate to the adaptation of buildings;

• practical proposals for the client to achieve a successful adaptation.

A full design is not required. It is the principles that the client needs to consider which need to be presented.

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