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7114IBA | Assignment 2 Reflection and Evidence of Learning | IT

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Task Description:

This assessment requires reflection and evidence of learning based on guest lectures by industry speakers during the Trimester. Students are required to relate the industry input provided by guest lecturers to their own learning and discuss the issues and challenges raised in class in relation to information management.

During the weeks of the course, I will be introducing guest speakers from the industry to speak to the class. Their topics will be relevant to the course content but will bring real examples from their organizations which may present a different view from some of the content being delivered (what happens in practice is not always what we find in the textbooks and reports). The context of the speakers will also allow for new insights into how different organizations deal with information management.

The purpose of this assignment is for you all to individually reflect on what you have learned from these speakers and how this supports or challenges what you have learned in the course. The assignment requires you to write a report on your views on the different aspects of information management to which you have been exposed. You may take a broad view of all speakers or chose to cover only one or two topic areas that appeal to you. Where you refer back to reading materials that you have used in the course you should reference them.

The rubric to be used for marking this assignment is necessarily broad and is aimed to encourage you to show your understanding through reflection and critiquing the topic areas covered.

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