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Students are expected to prepare a research design that outlines the problem they have identified and how they will undertake research to address that problem. The research design refers to the overall strategy that you choose to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way, thereby, ensuring you will effectively address the research problem. Put simply, it is the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. 

The structure and content of the research proposal will be provided through CloudDeakin in a template. In general, it will include the following:  
• Research Purpose - clearly articulating the context and purpose of the research is vital. In most cases, a good research initiative draws from a straightforward and clearly articulated statement of purpose.  
• Research Questions - the research questions mobilise the Research Purpose and convert the statement of the research purpose into a set of workable questions. But as with the statement of the research purpose, these questions should be straightforward and clear.  
• Research Approach – a discussion of whether the research predominantly lends itself to a qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method approach. Justify which approach is most appropriate for your stated research question.  
• Data  Collection  Techniques  -  these  are  the  ‘tools’  via  which  data  might  be  collected.  The techniques will vary according to whether the research is Qualitative or Quantitative, or mixed-method. Mapping both the approach to research and the techniques that will be utilised to uncover viewpoints is an important aspect of research planning.  
• Analysis - once evidence  has  been  uncovered  via the data  collection  techniques analysis is required to make sense of the data and to generate conclusions from  the  research  inquiry. How analysis is undertaken, and which aspects of the data are noted and used as evidence will determine what assessments are made. The analysis may be limited to critical literature review, or content analysis, thematic analysis, case study analysis, statistical analysis, comparative analysis, etc.  
• Limitations and Scope: It is important to reflect on the limitations and scope of your research. Think about what is achievable within the timeframe of 1 trimester. Can you actually get the data you need for the research? Do you have to travel to get the data required? Is the study limited to Australia, or just one state, or a particular type of project or contractor classification?  

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