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The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to:
• Understand the theory and principles of innovative project procurement strategies and impact on the construction supply chain.
• Examine contemporary international practice in relation to procurement strategies including relational contracting, strategic project alliance and public-private partnerships within complex multinational project team environments.


You have been asked to prepare a report on procurement systems to assist inexperienced public sector clients to devise a suitable procurement system for any given construction project. The report needs to include a detailed explanation of at least four (4) procurement systems listed below including definitions, key characteristics, the process of implementing procurement systems (highlighting contractual and functional relationships) and comparison referring to advantages and disadvantages.
1. The Traditional / Design-Bid-Build Procurement Method
2. Design and Construct Procurement Method
3. Partnering
4. Alliancing
5. Public Private Partnership (PPP)

A strategic procurement report should cover the following items;
 Definitions and key characteristics of procurement systems
 Process of implementing procurement systems highlighting contractual and functional relationships
• Comparison referring to advantages and disadvantages

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