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Following Assessment 1, you are to prepare for and implement your operational plan in part.

Your implementation will encompass running a meeting for your team in which you:
Explain and discuss the operational plan in detail
Allocate responsibilities for at least 2 different strategies outlined within the plan
Instruct / mentor each person to whom you have allocated a responsibility to, to ensur
Ensure each staff member are trained in the following strategies - as appropriate to their allocated and are empowered to perform their allocated task responsibility / strategy
mresource allocation
mintellectual property

It is important that you are prepared for this session, ensuring you:
prepare for the session to ensure everything is covered
develop andprovide relevant documentation / supporting materials to your team

Your assessor will observe you running the meeting.

Meeting Context

Each meeting will consist of yourself (running the meeting), and at least 2 other people, who will role-play the employees. Other people may include trainers or students from your course

Things to consider whilst performing this task:
Be organised - prepare and plan for the session thoroughly.
Know your position
Know your company
Arrange access to all required documentation for this process
Be prepared to ask questions
Be prepared to be asked questions

Things to consider whilst role-playing an employee:
Be prepared
Act professionally throughout the process
Be prepared to ask questions when you require more information
Answer all questions to the best of your ability

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