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Pitch the importance of understanding consumer behaviour to an organisation of your choosing.
Imagine that you are a consumer behaviour researcher. You work for a research organisation that collects all the information about consumer behaviour that we have covered in this subject (e.g. their decision making process, internal and external influences). Your role is to pitch your product (consumer behaviour insights) to a potential client and demonstrate the value of the information you have collected.

You have done this  through a Report explaining the merits of understanding consumer behaviour and identifying a problem or opportunity within the organisation that can be solved using consumer behaviour insights. And now you need to develop a Presentation where you present a campaign to address the issue / opportunity you identify in the report.
Presentation (8-10 Minutes)

Present your recommended marketing activities based on the findings of your report (assessment 2).  
You need to demonstrate the value of the information collected in the report by using it to develop an appropriate marketing mix to address the issue / opportunity identified

The presentation should include the following components:
1. Outline the issue/opportunity you have identified that could be solved using consumer behaviour.
2. Specify the objective/s for a campaign to solve the problem (e.g., target a new audience, promote a new product use).
3. Identify the target audience for campaign (This may be one or both of the target markets identified in your consumer profile summary).
4. Outline the tactics you will use to achieve the objective (This is the marketing activities you are recommending…think 4p’s).
5. Outline how you would evaluate the success of the campaign (e.g., change in consumer behaviour, increased awareness, increased education, increased adoption).  
Each choice that you make for your campaign needs to be justified and linked to the knowledge of the consumer outlined in your report. (e.g., in your presentation you can point people to which page of the report is relevant for further information).
The report and presentation should provide a compelling argument for the use of consumer behaviour insights. Think about what evidence you can present to support the claims that youintend to make. You should draw on examples from the marketplace and academic sources to illustrate the value of this type of information
This is a 6 step process:

Step 1: Theory to address the issue or opportunity
Work out how to clearly explain the issue or opportunity. Decide which area of consumer behaviour theory would be most appropriate to address this issue / opportunity. Remember you need to justify this choice.
Hint: Keep in mind that the idea of the pitch is to show how useful an understanding of consumer behaviour can be for an organisation. So you need to describe the area of theory in relation to the issue/opportunity identified.
Step 2: Design your campaign
Carefully decide what the objective of your campaign are, who it is targeted towards and what marketing mix you will use to achieve your objectives. Importantly, you also need to consider how you would evaluate the success of the campaign.
Hint: It is important that your campaign addresses the issue / opportunity you identified…keep this in mind when writing your objectives.
Step 3: Develop your presentation
Decide on the best way for you to convey the information you have put together in an engaging way.  How will you use resources like PowerPoint, or other tools to support your presentation?
You need to decide which tool you will use to record your presentation (as you need to submit the hardcopy on Turnitin after the presentation).
It is important that you reference any resources that you use in your presentation using APA 6th in a reference list at the end of your presentation.
Hint: Again keep in mind that the idea of the pitch is to show how useful an understanding of consumer behaviour can be for an organisation (that is to sell your product).
Step 4: Rehearse your presentation and present in class on the week of your allocated slots.
Step 5: Submit the presentation to Turnitin.
Step 6: Have a look at the great presentations your peers have created.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s

    • be able to identify the components of consumer behaviour models and illustrate how those components work together.
    • be able to gather and interpret information from a range of academic and industry sources related to consumer behaviour.
    • be able to predict consumer behaviour using relevant models.
    • be able to apply consumer behaviour models to a range of diverse, real life situations and marketing strategy.
    • be able to communicate clearly the nature and function of consumer behaviour in the marketplace.

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