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Details – Complex Signal Mixer

• Design and Document a VHDL Complex Mixer

• Design should contain two 11-bit complex NCOs:

  • Assume clock freq of 100MHz

  • NCO #1: 11MHz

  • NCO #2: 18MHz

• Design a complex multiplier component

• Multiply the outputs of NCO #1 and #2

• Write the outputs of the NCOs and Complex Multiplier to a text file

• Report

  • Introduction

  • Theory of Operation

    • Details of Complex Multiplier

    • Details of Mixing Signals: Multiplication in the time domain is ? In the Frequency Domain

    • Bit growth for any adders or multipliers that are required in the design

• Results

  • Include Spectrum plots of NCO #1, NCO #2, and the Mixer output

  • Explain the result of the Mixer output

• Conclusions

• All code as an appendix

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