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As a future Business Process Analyst, you are required to critically analyse the given case study and write a report that provides diverse insights of Business Process Management (BPM). In doing so, you will emphasise on the need for BPM, the organisational situation, the transformation journey, the results achieved and the lessons learnt on the BPM path, as depicted in the case study and other relevant scholarly sources.

For the main body of the report, you are advised to incorporate the four-part structure outlined below:

Part 1: Necessity of Business Process Management 

Some points to consider are: 

- Organisational background

- Need of BPM initiatives

- Problems faced

- Importance of agile processes

Part 2: Business Process Management Lifecycle

Some points to consider are: 

- Phases of the BPM lifecycle

- Process mapping

- BPM stakeholder community

- Continuous process improvement vs business process reengineering

Part 3: Business Process Management Governance

Some points to consider are: 

- Process maturity models

- Process performance measurement

- Role of process office

Part 4: Process Improvement

Some points to consider are: 

- Results achieved

- Lessons learned

- Critical success factors

The above points are used as examples and should not limit your reasoning and critical analysis. Please be mindful that you may find that all these points may not be relevant so please exercise your own discretion. Thorough reading of the case study will enable you to identify the relevant points. Based on the identified shortcomings, you should provide the recommended improvements in the Conclusion section of the report.

The overall structure of the report will be as follows:

Executive Summary

Table of Contents


Main Body (Parts 1-4)


- Summary of main points

- Limitations of your report

- Recommendations

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