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Finish and Realise

You are to undertake the finish and realize activities for this project, developing the necessary documents and artifacts for presentation to the client (see Kloppenborg (2015)). Tasks includes:
1.Validate the scope
2.Close all procurements
3.Close the project and develop a transition plan
4.Provide a final status update report for the project’s budget and schedule to demonstrate the monitoring and controlling of the project. Utilising MS Project, you must demonstrate actual vs planned work and any variances, to schedule and or budget.
5.Using an appropriate framework you are to provide evidence of the quality assurance activities undertaken for this project to be presented to Globex.
6.Using the form developed in assessment two, compile the lessons learned by all team members and prepare a detailed report and a storage method so that these lessons can be accessed by future projects.

Business Analysis / IT Management Students
This is the final handover of the finished project to the client. Handover of the finished project includes completion of finish and realize activities for this project and the necessary documents and artifacts as outlined above.
This assessment item will assess your progress towards achieving the following learning outcomes:
Be able to implement standard testing parameters and evaluate system performance;
Be able to apply project management tools to assist in timely completion of milestones; and
Be able to demonstrate technical writing skills through development of appropriate technical manuals;

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