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Fast changing workplace demands in the 21st century call for greater flexibility in the ways individuals and work teams make and implement decisions.
This assessment draws on learning activities and resources from weeks 1-4. It is designed for you to record and reflect on the decision-making preferences, processes and tools that you use personally on a daily basis and compare and contrast this with one or two major personal or business decisions. You should include in your reflective report:

1. Decisions actually made during a one- week period (select from weeks 1-3).
2. 1-2 major decisions you have made (these could be past decisions, prior to your enrolment).
3. Your decision-making preferences (see activity Module 1).
4. Personality style/ strengths and their impact on your decision-making style, bias and blind spots.
5. Reflection on feedback and insights from at least three class members.
6. Sources of data and use of decision-making tools to make decisions.
7. Evaluation of those decisions and their significance.
8. Visual interpretation of data / trends/ patterns.
9. References from weeks 1-4 (modules 1-2) subject learning resources that demonstrate your reading, understanding and ability to apply effective decision-making tools.

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