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For this assessment, you will be asked to prepare a 3-minute presentation that outlines your proposed research.

This type of presentation is used for Ph.D. students and is often called the “3-minute thesis”. It enables you to be creative in presenting your work but also ensures you can succinctly explain what your research proposal is about.

It is expected that you will cover the following during your presentation:

• What you are intending to research

• Research approach (Quantitative or qualitative or mixed methods)

• What you are studying and how (who you are recruiting, types of data you are collecting)

• The value of the study

You will also be assessed on the following during the presentation:

• Effective use of visual aids and organization of information on the slides

• Presentation delivery - body language, clarity of speech

• Use of appropriate terminology and clear explanation of your research

It is advisable that you use no more than 5 slides (with the optimal number being 3). Try not to use a font smaller than 20.

Your powerpoint presentation slides must contain in-text citations throughout and a list of references at the end (which will not need to be shown during the presentation but must be submitted to LMS). You must acknowledge the source of all articles used, using the Harvard system of referencing.

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