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Assessment 2: Research Project

You are required to prepare a research report. The research report should include:
• Title page;
• Executive summary;
• Table of contents;
• Introduction (background to the research);
• The research question and/or objectives;
• The literature review including propositions and hypotheses;
• Research design
    o type of research undertaken,
    o measurement and scaling techniques (if appropriate),
    o sample design (make sure you take into account the population of interest), o data collection methods, and
    o plan of data analysis;
• Results or findings (using the most appropriate statistics or themes);
• Conclusions and Recommendations (with a focus on business strategies);
• Appendices (e.g. include the questionnaire or interview guide or other relevant instrument and any detailed analysis).

It is expected that you will have addressed any feedback your workshop leader provided in Assessment 1. Refer to details presented in the lecture for the structure and additional detail on report writing. The assessment criteria are presented on the following page.

Note: Your research report must be in MS Word format and submitted into VU Collaborate (accompanied by a properly completed Assessment Declaration form) by the deadline. No multiple submissions from different group members within a group – each group must nominate a team leader who will be responsible for the submission of the group assessment.

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