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Assignment 2 requirements – Strategic Direction

Given the findings of the analysis phase in Assignment 1, write a Strategy Recommendation report on the proposed new strategic changes that the company would benefit from.


•Executive Summary
•Current Strategies Assessment – given the analysis conducted in Assignment 1, provide a succinct overview of the current positioning of the company.
•New Strategies – the benefits of the proposed changes must be clearly justified in terms of the appropriateness, and the tangible and intangible benefits, for the organisation and its customers. This will require researching the solutions so you can determine any changes to the firm’s current direction, practices and processes.
•Recommendation – recommend a course of action that is the most critical in view of the objectives established for the new direction (next 6-12 months). The recommendations need to be in a form of a specific plan of activities/changes over the proposed time frame.
•References - references and citations showing the source of all the information in the report need to be provided (Harvard referencing style). The references used must demonstrate thorough research using quality references such as journal articles, industry reports, etc. with good evidence to support the strategic direction recommended. Details on referencing can be found at:

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