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Report Content Requirements

Your task is to research an IT service based company and using publicly available information, analyse the organisation and its business model, the market it operates in and its competition. You should describe the nature of the service offered by the company and its service strategy in terms of the operating strategy, service concept and competitive strategy. Your research and analysis must be presented as a detailed report in a format that is suited for a senior management audience and must highlight clearly the innovation and service differentiation that has led to the success of your selected case study. Please cite and reference the research included using the Harvard style. Assistance on referencing and report writing is available from Deakin's Study Support site.

Your IT Services Company

The IT services company that you will cover is determined by the last digit of your student number. For example, if your student number is 214123450 then you will analyse company 0 (Iliad). Students who do not use the designated company risk receiving any marks for this assignment. If you want to substitute a company not included in this list as one of your chosen companies then you need to seek approval from the Unit Chair before starting.

Student ID last digit    Company

0                                       Iliad

1                                        Wipro

2                                         RELX Group

3                                          SYNNEX

4                                         Capgemini

5                                         Infosys

6                                         Tencent Holdings

7                                           DXC.Technology

8                                           Accenture

9                                             Baidu

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