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As a Cloud engineer of a financial organisation you have been asked to design and implement a cloud solution for your existing IT infrastructure. Currently, the company has different departments in two separate buildings in Melbourne.

In this project, you need to deploy two VMs into the virtual network and securely communicate between the two VMs in the azure platform. Please write a summary of your understanding of the output (500 words) at the end of the report.

Configure a VNet-to-VNet VPN gateway connection

• Step 1: Create two Azure Virtual Networks (Vents) across the same region with

o Name: VN_1_yourStudentID, Address space: and subnet address range:

o Name: VN_2_ yourStudentID, Address space: and subnet address range: (Example: if your student id is 123456 then Vnet should be VN_1_123456 and VN_2_123456)

• Step 2: Go inside the Vents created and add a Gateway Subnet under Subnets

o Create a new resource group: VnetS

• Step 3: Create a Public IP address for each Vnets and choose dynamic assignment.

• Step 4: Create two Virtual network gateways

o Click on new and search for virtual network gateway and select.

o Click create

o Give the name as VN_1_ your student id _Gateway

o Choose the public IP address created in the previous steps for the respective Vnets.

o Make sure that resource group is Vnets

• Step 5: Connect the Gateways

o Go to new and select networking and select connection and create

o Under basics

- Connection type: Vnet-to-Vnet

- Resource group

• Use existing: VnetS

• OK

o Under Settings

- Choose first and second virtual network gateway (we created two virtual network gateways before)

- Make sure that Establish bidirectional connectivity is enabled.

- Provide a shared key

- OK

- Review and create

o The connection between two Vnets are created

• Step 6: Create two VM machine (Please follow the Assignment 2: Deployment of VM)

o Select ubuntu Server

o Create two VMs in the different Vnet and test the connectivity

o Basic

- Name of VM1 is VM1_ yourStudentID

- Name of VM2 is VM2_ yourStudentID

- Resource group: VnetS

- Authentication type: SSH Public Key

- Make sure that you use PuTTYgen to create a public and private key

o Settings

- Network:

- Virtual networks:

• VN_1_ your student id (already created on the previous step) for VM1_ your student id

• VN_2_ your student id (already created on the previous step) for VM2_ your student id

• Step 7: Once two VM are ready, connect them Via putty.

• Step 8: Search for the IP address for inet addr of the VM1 and VM2 using command ifconfig.

• Step 9: From VM1

o Ping VM2’s address and get the response

• Step8: From VM2

o Ping VM1’s address and get a similar response

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